How Warehouse 13 should end



1. Bering and Wells

2. Bering and Wells

3. Claudia happy with her family

4. Pete meets a reincarnated Lisa da Vinci at Olive Garden and they eat all the cheese cake

5. Bering and Wells

6. More to come as I think of it

6. Bering and Wells


Bering and Wells. Red


massivenerdywarehouse asked for “Bering and Wells” ‘Red’

Set in some vague post season 4 future, Helena and Myka are going on a date. Or trying to…

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finale countdown gifset per episode

↳ 4.17 What Matters Most

you know, I forget in my shipping slant just how hard Claudia’s life was before the Warehouse, because the wonderful and caring and funny person we’ve come to know and love cracks such easy smiles and is so at home with her found family.  I forget how much of an adjustment it much have been to go from being utterly alone to having so many people around you, even if one of them for a time was your long lost brother.

That she is so put-together after so much hardship in her young life is such a miracle.  The Warehouse has chosen its next Caretaker well.

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Things that are happening tonight:

  • Season premiere of the final, six-episode season of Warehouse 13.

Things I am not ready for:

  • Season premiere of the final, six-episode season of Warehouse 13.